Covid Safety Measures

Dr. O has used his education and experience in public health, along with innovative technologies to design a safe environment for you and your child.  It all starts with contactless booking and payment. You can book an appointment right here on our website. Or call our office at (703) 634-9450. If you prefer, you can also pay online or via phone. In order to minimize contact, we ask that you complete all forms online prior to your appointment.

Inside the office, we are scheduling patients to ensure safe distancing. So, when you arrive at our building, please wait in your car or outside the building. We’ll text you or call you when it’s time to come inside. As you enter our office, please wear a mask. And rest assured knowing that the air is not just filtered, but also treated with activated oxygen that kills bacteria,viruses and other germs and air pollutants but is harmless on you and your child.

In the hygiene area, glass partitions run from floor to ceiling to create separate areas for each patient, minimizing the chance of germ transmission via aerosols. For treatments, we private completely separate rooms.

During cleaning and other treatments, we use saliva suction devices to prevent the spread of aerosols which could contain germs. Our laser technology which we use to treat cavities has been proven to deactivate viruses, kill bacteria and other germs.

By instituting safety measure and using the latest technologies, we target both the spread and elimination of harmful germs. These infection control measures are in addition to the already existing and standard protocol in a regular dental office…

At Children’s Dentistry of Arlington your safety is our job #1. If you have additional questions about the precautions we are taking, please call the office.